Red Sparowes

Red Sparowes is an instrumental band based in Los Angeles, CA. Formed in 2003 by guitarist Clifford Meyer, bassist/pedal steel player Greg Burns, guitarist Josh Graham, bassist/guitarist Jeff Caxide and drummer Dana Berkowitz. After some changes in the lineup, drummer David Clifford and guitarist Andy Arahood joined shortly thereafter in the fall of 2004.

The band's unique sound combines elements of post-rock and experimental music to create atmospheric compositions that captivate listeners. With their mesmerizing guitar melodies and intricate drum patterns, Red Sparowes have gained a loyal following within the instrumental music scene.

Known for their dynamic live performances, Red Sparowes have toured extensively both nationally and internationally. Their emotionally charged music has resonated with fans around the world, earning them critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base.


Red Sparowes
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