Rites Of Spring

Rites Of Spring, from Washington, DC, was part of a new wave of bands that appeared in 1984-1985, originating from the DC hardcore scene. They are considered by many to be the first wave of emo. The group formed from the ashes of Insurrection, a hardcore band featuring Brendan Canty on drums, Michael Fellows on bass, and Guy Picciotto on guitar. After Insurrection disbanded, Guy, Brendan, and Michael continued playing together and guitarist Eddie Janney soon joined. With Guy taking on vocals as well, Rites Of Spring became known for their passionate live shows.

Despite only playing around a dozen live appearances in two years, Rites Of Spring gained a reputation for moving audience members to tears with their emotional performances. Critics and naysayers labeled them as "emotional hardcore" or simply "emo" due to Guy's poetic lyrics and impassioned delivery. During their time together, the band released one LP and one 7" EP.

In January 1987, Rites Of Spring split when Michael Fellows left the band after the release of their EP. The remaining members went on to form One Last Wish with guitarist Michael Hampton (with Eddie Janney switching to bass). Although One Last Wish only played a few shows and recorded an unreleased LP at that time.

The members of Rites Of Spring later reformed as Happy Go Licky in 1987 but pursued


Rites Of Spring
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