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Roy Montgomery

Roy Montgomery (born 1959) is a composer, guitarist and lecturer from Christchurch, New Zealand. His mostly instrumental solo works blend post-rock, lo-fi, folk and avant-garde experimentation. With a signature sound that can be described as atmospheric or cinematic, Montgomery creates complex layers of chiming, echoing and droning guitar phrases. Currently the head of the Environmental Management department at Lincoln University in New Zealand, he has played in several bands since 1980 and released solo albums on various labels.

Montgomery's musical journey began in the early 1980s when he started playing with different bands in his home country. Notably, he was part of [a299466], [a58470], [a58480] and [a277139]. Throughout his career, he has explored diverse genres while maintaining his unique style.

In addition to his band contributions, Montgomery has also released numerous solo albums on respected labels such as [l606] and [l23611]. These albums showcase his talent for creating captivating compositions that push boundaries and defy categorization.


Roy Montgomery
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