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S-Tone Inc

Stefano Tirone, the mastermind behind S-Tone Inc., has been making music since the early 1980s. With a background in new wave and a passion for soul and jazz, his sound is a unique blend of influences. S-Tone Inc.'s debut track "Get Freaky Now" put Italian acid jazz on the map in 1992, while their album "Love Unlimited" introduced the world to the nu bossa genre. Over the years, Tirone has collaborated with Brazilian songwriter Toco to create captivating albums like "Instalaçao do samba" and "Outro lugar". With a style that fuses Brazilian rhythms, soulful melodies, and jazzy vibes, S-Tone Inc. continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

Inspired by the British acid jazz scene of the early 90s, Stefano Tirone's love for 70s soul and jazz music laid the foundation for his project S-Tone Inc. Since its inception in 1992, this project has been pushing boundaries and creating groundbreaking music. The track "Get Freaky Now" gained recognition in the UK as one of Italy's earliest examples of acid jazz music.

S-Tone Inc.'s debut album "Love Unlimited", released in 1996 under Milano 2000/Ishtar label, showcased their innovative sound with tracks like "Ainda Sonhar". This composition became one of the pioneers of nu boss


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