British soul/smooth jazz group formed out of the ashes of London funk group Pride, and named after their lead singer. The group has had a remarkably stable line-up over more than three decades and comprises Sade Adu (vocals), Paul S. Denman (bass), Andrew Hale (keyboards) and Stuart Matthewman (sax).

Sade is a British soul/smooth jazz group that emerged from the remnants of London funk band Pride. The band's name was inspired by their talented lead singer, Sade Adu. With an impressive lineup that has remained consistent for over thirty years, the group consists of Sade Adu on vocals, Paul S. Denman on bass, Andrew Hale on keyboards, and Stuart Matthewman on saxophone.

Known for their unique blend of soulful melodies and smooth jazz sounds, Sade has captivated audiences worldwide with their timeless music. Their remarkable stability as a band has allowed them to create a distinct sound that resonates with fans across generations. Explore their discography to experience the enchanting vocals of Sade Adu accompanied by the mesmerizing musical talents of Paul S. Denman, Andrew Hale, and Stuart Matthewman.


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