Sanctuary is a heavy metal band that was formed in Seattle in 1985. They were discovered by Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine, who helped them get signed to CBS/Epic Records and produced their first album. Sanctuary had the opportunity to tour with Megadeth and gained recognition for their unique sound. The band consisted of vocalist Warrel Dane, guitarists Lenny Rutledge and Sean Blosl, bassist Jim Sheppard, and drummer Dave Budbill. Although they disbanded after their second album, Dane and Sheppard went on to form Nevermore.

In an interesting turn of events, Jeff Loomis joined Sanctuary as their guitarist after sending them a tape when he heard they had lost their previous guitarist. However, the group broke up just two months later in 1991. But out of the ashes of Sanctuary emerged Nevermore, a new band formed by Loomis along with two other former members.

Despite their relatively short-lived career as Sanctuary, the band's impact on the heavy metal scene cannot be overlooked. Their association with Dave Mustaine and successful collaboration with Megadeth allowed them to make a mark in the industry during their time together.


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