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Savage Republic

Savage Republic is an independent band from Los Angeles that was formed in the early 1980s and is still active today. The band was originally named [a916144] but changed its name shortly before releasing their debut album in 1982. Founded by UCLA students Mark Erskine and Bruce Licher, along with Philip Drucker (a.k.a. Jackson Del Rey), Jeff Long, and Robert Loveless, Savage Republic has experienced several lineup changes over the years.

Despite creative tensions leading to a split in 1989-1990, the band reformed in 2002 for a reunion tour and has remained active ever since with a different lineup than the original one. Some of their current members include Mark Erskine on drums, percussion, bongos, and vocals; Jackson Del Rey on vocals, guitar & percussion; Thom Fuhrmann on bass, trombone, keyboards, and vocals; Greg Grunke on guitar, bass, dulcimer, and vocals; Bruce Licher on guitar, bass percussion,and vocals; Jeff Long on vocals,bass & guitar; Robert Loveless on keyboards,bass mandolin,and percussion; Ethan Port on guitars ,percussion ,metal horn,and voice.

Savage Republic's sound can be described as unique blend of post-punk rock infused with experimental elements. Fans of artists such as Colin Newman,Ike Yard,Cabaret Voltaire will appreciate their music style . With decades of


Savage Republic
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