Sean Rowe

Sean Rowe, born in 1975 and raised in Troy, New York, is an alternative folk singer-songwriter and musician. With his deep and soulful voice, he captivates audiences with his heartfelt lyrics and powerful performances. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of musical genres, Sean's music has been compared to artists such as *Josh Ritter*, *Joe Pug*, and *Hiss Golden Messenger*. His unique blend of folk, blues, and Americana creates a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

Sean's songs are introspective and thought-provoking, exploring themes of love, loss, and the human experience. His raw honesty shines through in every lyric he writes. Whether performing solo or with a full band, Sean's live shows are an immersive experience that leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Having released several critically acclaimed albums throughout his career, including "Magic" and "Madman", Sean has established himself as one of the most talented singer-songwriters of his generation. His music resonates with listeners around the world who appreciate authentic storytelling and genuine emotion. If you're looking for music that speaks to your soul, look no further than *Sean Rowe*.


Sean Rowe
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