Section 25

Section 25 is an English band formed in Blackpool, Lancashire in April 1978 by brothers Lawrence and Vincent Cassidy. The group got their name from a provision of the Mental Health Act. They joined Factory Records and were produced by Martin Hannett and later Bernard Sumner.

Unlike many of their contemporaries, Section 25 continued making music beyond 1982. In fact, they achieved international success with the dance hit "Looking From a Hilltop" in 1984. Not only that, but they also pioneered acid house before it became a recognized style.

In 2006, the Cassidy brothers revived the band after a hiatus. Sadly, Larry Cassidy passed away in 2010. His daughter Bethany then took over as lead vocalist for several years before moving on to join Sea Fever. Today, Section 25 consists of Vin Cassidy and Stephen Stringer as a duo.


Section 25
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