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Serj Tankian

Serj Tankian is an Armenian-American musician and writer, born on August 21st, 1967 in Beirut, Lebanon. He is best known as the lead singer of System Of A Down. Tankian graduated from California State University with a marketing/business degree and went on to form his own company specializing in proprietary vertical industry modular accounting software.

With his unique vocal style and thought-provoking lyrics, Serj Tankian has made a significant impact on the music industry. His powerful performances have garnered him a dedicated fan base around the world. Tankian's music often tackles social and political issues, making him a voice for change.

Influenced by various genres such as alternative metal, progressive rock, and folk music, Serj Tankian's sound is eclectic and captivating. His solo career showcases his versatility as an artist while still maintaining the signature intensity that fans have come to love.


Serj Tankian
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