Severed Heads

Severed Heads is an Australian group founded in Sydney in 1979. Originally known as Mr And Mrs No Smokin' Sign, the group was formed by Richard Fielding and Andrew Wright. Tom Ellard joined in 1979, leading to a name change to Severed Heads. Over time, the group evolved with various members joining and leaving, but ultimately Tom Ellard became the sole continuing member.

The early music of Severed Heads was characterized by tape loops, synthesizers, and dissonant sound sources, placing them in the industrial music category. However, they later incorporated popular music elements such as a consistent rhythm and melodic lines. This fusion of avant-garde, EBM, and Synth-pop resulted in a unique sound.

Severed Heads achieved success with their song "Dead Eyes Opened" which charted in 1984. They were signed to Nettwerk Records in North America and Volition Records in Australia. Despite facing setbacks when Volition went bankrupt and Nettwerk dropped them, Severed Heads continued their musical journey through self-distribution via their own SevCom imprint.

Although officially announced as ended by Tom Ellard on February 4th, 2008; Severed Heads still occasionally performs live shows around the world. Notable performances include appearances at BIM Fest in Belgium (2011), Adelaide Festival (2013), Cold Waves IV festival in Chicago (201


Severed Heads
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