Shearwater is an indie rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 2001. The band was founded by Jonathan Meiburg and Will Sheff, who were already acquainted from their time together in Okkervil River. They were later joined by Kim Burke on bass and Thor Harris on drums and vibraphone. With the addition of Howard Draper, Shearwater transformed into a tightly focused rock band.

Known for their unique sound and powerful performances, Shearwater has drawn comparisons to other artists such as Midlake, Okkervil River, Great Lake Swimmers, and Damien Jurado. Their music captures a sense of introspection and emotional depth that resonates with listeners.

With influences ranging from folk to indie rock, Shearwater's discography showcases their versatility and artistry. Fans of bands like Phosphorescent, Other Lives, Magnolia Electric Co., Songs: Ohia, Ramona Falls, Sun Kil Moon, Lost In The Trees will find themselves drawn to the captivating melodies and thought-provoking lyrics of Shearwater's music.


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