Sheer Mag

Sheer Mag is an American punk/rock'n'roll band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Known for their energetic and raw sound, they have captivated audiences with their powerful performances and infectious melodies.

Inspired by a range of influences including classic rock, punk, and soul music, Sheer Mag has carved out a unique sound that pays homage to the past while remaining fresh and relevant. Their music is characterized by gritty guitar riffs, catchy hooks, and the dynamic vocals of *Tina Halladay*.

With a discography that includes critically acclaimed albums such as "Need to Feel Your Love" and "A Distant Call," Sheer Mag has gained a loyal following around the world. They have shared stages with notable acts like *Priests*, *Radioactivity*, and *Screaming Females*, solidifying their place in the underground music scene.


Sheer Mag
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