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Avantgarde black metal band Sigh was formed in 1989 in Japan by Mirai (voice, bass, keyboard), Satoshi (guitar) and Kazuki (drums). Inspired by Venom and other '80s thrash bands, Sigh soon adopted the European approach of black metal. Gaining the interest of Norwegian mastermind Euronymous, they signed with Deathlike Silence Productions. Their debut album "Scorn Defeat" gained international underground respect and allowed them to progress and continue recording intelligent releases. With their unique noises and compositions insanity, Sigh became popular in the underground scene and beyond.

Their later albums "Hail Horror Hail", "Scenario IV: Dread Dreams" and "Imaginary Sonicscape" brought even greater success. The current line-up consists of Mirai Kawashima on vocals, keyboards, orchestrations; Dr. Mikannibal on alto saxophone and vocals; Satoshi Fujinami on bass; Shinichi Ishikawa on guitar; Junichi Harashima on drums.


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