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sign crushes motorist

Labelled as one of Spotify's "Lorem Artists to Watch" and “Ireland’s new music sensation” for 2024 by Hot Press Magazine, Sign Crushes Motorist is one of the many slowcore projects of 19 year-old singer-songwriter Liam McCay. He currently has two released albums under the Sign Crushes Motorist pseudonym: Hurting (2023) and i’ll be okay (2022), the album that has skyrocketed McCay into online popularity. He gained most of his notoriety from various TikTok trends like “corecore” or “nichetok”, with songs such as “Better”, “loser monologue” and “Left” being used in a variety of posts. Garnering millions of streams online on his music with little-to-no press attention, both under the Sign Crushes Motorist alias and others such as Birth Day, Take Care and Dead Calm, 2023 saw McCay add four more albums to his ever-growing discography of work - including the sophomore Sign Crushes Motorist album “Hurting”, as well as several sold out vinyl/cassette/CD releases. 2024 will see Sign Crushes Motorist embark on their first ever headline tour of the United States, after previously playing in Ireland as a headliner and opening for Horse Jumper of Love, Panchiko and Crywank.


sign crushes motorist
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