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Snapped Ankles

Snapped Ankles is an East London-based band formed in 2011 by Austin, Zampirolo & Sol Haim. Known for their unique live shows, the band combines live improvisations with chopped-up 1960s films and synthesizers. They released their first single, "True Ecology (Shit Everywhere)", in 2012 and followed up with "I Want My Minutes Back" in 2015. Their debut album, Come Play the Trees, was released in September 2017. With Ursula Russell on drums and JD Parry on bass, they toured extensively for their second album Stunning Luxury in 2019.

In July 2021, Snapped Ankles released their third album titled "Forest Of Your Problems", which was written during the Covid-19 pandemic. The album features Austin on vocals, log synths, guitars, and organs; Chestnutt on synths and logs; Stuart Handy on drums; and JD Parry on synth bass. The band continued to showcase their creativity with the release of Blurtations EP in April 2023.

With a growing discography that includes singles, EPs, and albums spanning various genres like punk rock and experimental music, Snapped Ankles continues to captivate audiences with their innovative soundscapes.


Snapped Ankles
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