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Squid is a renowned bassist known for their work with the New York punk band, the Lunachicks. With their distinctive style and energetic performances, Squid has made a significant impact on the punk music scene. Their contributions to the band have helped shape their unique sound and establish them as influential figures in the industry.

As a member of the Lunachicks, Squid has played an integral role in creating some of their most iconic songs and albums. Their powerful basslines and dynamic stage presence have captivated audiences worldwide. Squid's talent and dedication to their craft have earned them recognition as one of the leading bassists in punk rock.

With years of experience under their belt, Squid continues to inspire aspiring musicians with their raw energy and passion for music. Whether it's through live performances or studio recordings, they consistently deliver exceptional musicality that resonates with fans across generations. Discover more about Squid's incredible journey by exploring their extensive discography and experiencing firsthand why they are considered a true legend in punk rock.


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