Producer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Suicideyear is known for his unique blend of experimental electronic music. Drawing inspiration from artists such as SALEM, Yung Sherman, and Clams Casino, *Suicideyear* creates hauntingly beautiful tracks that captivate listeners with their atmospheric soundscapes.

With a discography that includes collaborations with notable artists like oOoOO and Balam Acab, *Suicideyear* has established himself as a prominent figure in the underground music scene. His signature style combines elements of trap, witch house, and ambient music to create a truly distinctive sound.

Whether it's his solo releases or his work with other talented musicians, *Suicideyear*'s music resonates with fans around the world. With influences ranging from jonatan leandoer96 to Shlohmo, he continues to push boundaries and experiment with different genres. If you're looking for innovative and boundary-pushing electronic music, look no further than *Suicideyear*.


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