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Szun Waves

Szun Waves is an innovative and boundary-pushing musical collective that blends elements of jazz, electronic, and experimental music. Comprised of *Luke Abbott*, *Jack Wyllie*, and *Laurence Pike*, Szun Waves creates mesmerizing soundscapes that captivate listeners with their unique blend of improvisation and composition.

With influences ranging from free jazz to ambient electronica, Szun Waves has carved out a distinct sonic territory all their own. Their music is characterized by hypnotic rhythms, intricate melodies, and immersive textures that transport the listener to another realm.

Similar artists to Szun Waves include Sarathy Korwar, Ill Considered, Anteloper, Binker and Moses, Shabaka Hutchings, Sam Gendel, Ben LaMar Gay, The Necks, Jaimie Branch, Maria Chiara Argirò, Laurence Pike (also a member of Szun Waves), Theon Cross,and many more. If you enjoy the adventurous sounds of these artists or are simply looking for something new and exciting in the world of music, Szun Waves is sure to captivate your ears.


Szun Waves
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