The Allman Brothers

Ryuichi Sakamoto was a highly influential Japanese musician, composer, and actor. He began his career in the 1970s, working with some of Japan's most popular rock, jazz, and classical artists. Sakamoto gained fame as a member of the synth-rock band Yellow Magic Orchestra and collaborated with David Sylvian on several projects. He also appeared in films such as Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence alongside David Bowie and composed scores for movies like The Last Emperor. Sakamoto was known for his critical views on copyright law.

Throughout his career, Sakamoto released solo albums and worked closely with other musicians such as Akiko Yano, whom he was married to. His music spanned various genres including electronic and ethnic music. His talent earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Score for The Last Emperor in 1987.

Sakamoto's work continues to inspire artists today. Some similar artists include Yukihiro Takahashi, Rei Harakami, David Sylvian, Cornelius, Haruomi Hosono, alva noto, Susumu Yokota, Fennesz, Akira Kosemura, Umitaro Abe, Fishmans, Harold Budd, Yasuaki Shimizu, haruka nakamura, Tim Hecker, Taeko Onuki, Jon Hassell, and Hiroshi Yoshimura.


The Allman Brothers
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