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The Black Dog

The Black Dog is an influential electronic music group that was formerly a trio consisting of Ken Downie, Ed Handley, and Andy Turner. Originally known as Black Dog Productions, Ed and Andy later left to focus on their Plaid project. Ken continued to work under the name Black Dog with various line-ups before taking a break from the music scene. After this hiatus, he teamed up with Martin Dust and Richard Dust from Dust Science Recordings.

With their innovative sound and experimental approach, The Black Dog has made a significant impact on the electronic music genre. Their collaborations with other artists have resulted in groundbreaking releases that continue to resonate with fans worldwide.

As pioneers in the industry, The Black Dog's unique blend of techno, ambient, and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) has earned them critical acclaim and a dedicated following. With their latest lineup featuring Martin Dust and Richard Dust, they are poised to push boundaries once again and deliver captivating musical experiences for years to come.


The Black Dog
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