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The Fall

The Fall was a British post-punk band formed in 1976. Led by the enigmatic Mark E. Smith, they were known for their unique sound and uncompromising approach to music. With over 30 studio albums and numerous lineup changes, The Fall remained influential throughout their career.

Combining elements of punk, rock, and experimental music, The Fall created a distinct sonic landscape that defied categorization. Their lyrics often touched on themes of social commentary and existentialism, delivered with Smith's distinctive snarling vocals.

Despite their underground status, The Fall garnered a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim. Their impact can still be felt in the alternative music scene today. Explore their discography to discover the raw energy and artistic vision that made The Fall one of the most revered bands of their time.


The Fall
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Album artwork for New Facts Emerge by The Fall

New Facts Emerge

The Fall

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The Classical

The Fall

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