The Idler

The Idler is an electronic musician who began producing music in early 2013. He is also the founder of Screenster Records, a label dedicated to promoting innovative and boundary-pushing electronic music.

With his unique sound and experimental approach, The Idler has garnered comparisons to artists such as Loan, Bailey James, LAK$H, Tae Smoove, SrirachaTheGod, illissivi, JustHill, Agp Music Group, Àmii, F!Z, N.A.I.R.E and more. His music blends elements of various genres to create a captivating sonic experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional electronic music.

Whether you're a fan of ambient textures or hard-hitting beats, The Idler's music offers something for everyone. With his talent for crafting intricate soundscapes and infectious rhythms, he continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Explore his discography today and discover why he is one of the most exciting names in the electronic music scene.


The Idler
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