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The Kooks

British pop/rock band, The Kooks, formed in Brighton in 2004. With Luke Pritchard on vocals and guitar, Hugh Harris on guitar, vocals, and piano, and Alexis Nunez on drums, they have created a unique sound that has captivated audiences worldwide.

Their discography includes hit albums such as "Inside In/Inside Out" (2006), "Konk" (2008), "Junk of the Heart" (2011), "Listen" (2014), "Hello Whats Your Name" (Remix album 2015), and "The Best Of... So Far" (Best songs & Demos 2017).

Although the band has seen changes in their lineup over the years with past members including Paul Garred, Dan Logan, Max Rafferty, Nicholas Millard, Chris Prendergast, Denny Weston, Thom Kirkpatrick,and Pete Denton; The Kooks continue to produce music that resonates with fans around the world.


The Kooks
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