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The Last Dinner Party

The Last Dinner Party is a London-based band formed by Abigail Morris, Emily Roberts, Lizzie Mayland, Georgia Davies, and Aurora Nishevci. Originally known as "The Dinner Party," they gained a dedicated following while playing at independent venues in London from 2021 to 2022. Their talent caught the attention of management and PR agencies, leading to a recording deal with Island Records. They began recording at The Church Studios in Crouch Hill under the guidance of James Ford.

In early 2023, the band decided to change their name to "The Last Dinner Party" to avoid confusion with another project called Dinner Party. Despite not having a permanent drummer, Casper Miles and Isis Dunthorne have been among their live drummers.

With Abigail Morris on vocals, Emily Roberts on lead guitar and flute, Lizzie Mayland on guitar, Georgia Davies on bass, and Aurora Nishevci on keyboards/piano/keytar; The Last Dinner Party offers a unique blend of musical talents that captivate audiences wherever they perform.


The Last Dinner Party
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