The Orchids

The Orchids are a Glasgow pop band who gained popularity in the late 1980s. Known for their melodic and heartfelt songs, they recorded for [l887]. With influences from jangle-pop and indie rock, The Orchids have created a unique sound that captivates listeners.

Similar to bands like Even As We Speak, Brighter, and The Sweetest Ache, The Orchids have carved out their own space in the indie music scene. Their music is characterized by catchy guitar riffs, dreamy vocals, and introspective lyrics.

If you enjoy the sounds of Another Sunny Day or Razorcuts, then you will definitely appreciate The Orchids' discography. Other similar artists include 14 Iced Bears, The Hit Parade, and The Field Mice. Their music has also drawn comparisons to bands like Trembling Blue Stars and McCarthy.


The Orchids
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