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The Primitives

The Primitives are a British indie pop band formed in 1985 in Coventry. After disbanding in 1992, they reunited in 2009. The band consists of Tracy Spencer on vocals, PJ Court on guitar, Steve Dullaghan and Paul Sampson on bass, and Pete Tweedie and Tig Williams on drums.

Known for their catchy melodies and jangly guitars, The Primitives gained popularity during the late 80s and early 90s with hits like "Crash" and "Way Behind Me." Their unique blend of indie rock and pop sensibilities set them apart from other bands of the era.

With their energetic live performances and infectious hooks, The Primitives continue to captivate audiences today. Their music remains influential within the indie pop genre, making them a must-listen for fans of alternative music.


The Primitives
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