The Seahorses

The Seahorses were a British rock band formed in 1996 by guitarist John Squire, previously of The Stone Roses. With their unique blend of alternative rock and Britpop influences, the band quickly gained popularity and critical acclaim. Their debut album "Do It Yourself" reached number two on the UK Albums Chart and spawned several successful singles including "Love Is the Law" and "Blinded by the Sun". Despite disbanding in 1999, The Seahorses left a lasting impact on the music scene with their distinctive sound and memorable performances.

Led by John Squire's mesmerizing guitar skills and powerful songwriting, The Seahorses captivated audiences with their energetic live shows. Their music showcased a fusion of melodic hooks, catchy riffs, and introspective lyrics that resonated with fans across generations. From anthemic tracks to heartfelt ballads, each song carried its own emotional weight.

Although short-lived as a band, The Seahorses' legacy continues to inspire musicians and fans alike. Their contributions to the British rock genre are undeniable, making them an essential part of any music collection. Experience the magic of The Seahorses through their timeless albums and immerse yourself in the sonic journey they created during their time together.


The Seahorses
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