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The Smile

The Smile is a music project formed by Tom Skinner, Jonny Greenwood, and Thom Yorke. With their combined talent and creativity, they have created a unique sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

Tom Skinner brings his expertise as a drummer to the group, infusing their music with infectious rhythms and grooves. Jonny Greenwood's mastery of various instruments adds depth and complexity to their compositions. And of course, Thom Yorke's distinctive vocals and songwriting prowess are at the heart of The Smile's captivating sound.

Together, these three talented musicians have crafted an impressive body of work that defies genre boundaries. Their music seamlessly blends elements of rock, electronic, and experimental sounds to create something truly original. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to their music, The Smile is sure to leave you wanting more.


The Smile
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