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The William Loveday Intention

The William Loveday Intention is an artist known for their unique blend of garage rock, punk, and blues. With a career spanning over several decades, they have established themselves as a prominent figure in the underground music scene. Drawing inspiration from artists such as CTMF and Wild Billy Childish, their music is characterized by raw energy and catchy melodies.

As a member of various bands including Thee Headcoats and The Buff Medways, *The William Loveday Intention* has collaborated with renowned musicians like Billy Childish. Their discography boasts a diverse range of albums that showcase their talent for songwriting and performance.

With influences ranging from The Milkshakes to Reigning Sound, *The William Loveday Intention* continues to captivate audiences with their dynamic live shows and thought-provoking lyrics. Whether you're a fan of garage rock or simply appreciate authentic music, this artist's work is not to be missed.


The William Loveday Intention
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