Therapy? is an alternative/hard rock group hailing from Northern Ireland. Formed in 1989 by Andy Cairns (vocals, lead guitar) and Fyfe Ewing (drums), they quickly gained recognition for their unique blend of industrial and punk influences. Michael McKeegan (bass guitar) joined the band shortly after its formation, solidifying their lineup. Over the years, Therapy? has seen changes in their members, with Graham Hopkins replacing Fyfe in 1996 and Martin McCarrick joining as a full-time member on guitar and cello. Neil Cooper took over drumming duties from Graham in 2002. Despite these changes, Therapy? continues to captivate audiences with their energetic performances and thought-provoking music.

With a career spanning several decades, Therapy? has released numerous albums that have garnered critical acclaim and loyal fans worldwide. Their sound is characterized by raw intensity combined with introspective lyrics that tackle various themes such as mental health, societal issues, and personal struggles.

Known for their dynamic live shows, Therapy? has toured extensively across Europe and beyond, leaving a lasting impression on concert-goers with their powerful stage presence. Their music resonates with listeners who appreciate the band's ability to seamlessly fuse different genres into a cohesive sonic experience.


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