Todd Terje

DJ and producer from Norway. Todd Terje, born Olsen, initially trained to become a pianist but found limited exposure to jazz at his local music school. He later pursued physics at the University Of Oslo. Growing up in a rural village, dance music influences were scarce until the early-mid 1990s when it infiltrated even remote parts of Norway. Inspired by tapes brought home by his sister from Tore Kroknes, Terje began experimenting with house and jungle music in his early teens. His love for disco was ignited after hearing Bjørn Torske's "Sexy Disco" in 1999.

In 2001, Terje connected with Prins Thomas and Hans-Peter Lindstrøm in Oslo. Influenced by the UK generation of disco heads, he started creating re-edits of old disco records and producing his own tracks. Paying homage to house music producer [a4116], he adopted the stage name Todd Terje.

With a unique blend of musical training and diverse influences, Todd Terje has become known for his innovative approach to electronic music production.


Todd Terje
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