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Toyah is a group that was formed in March 1978, with lead singer Toyah Willcox. They went through several line-up changes and briefly operated under the name Ninth Illusion before settling on their final name. From 1978 to 1983, the main musicians of Toyah included Joel Bogen on guitars, Pete Bush, Adrian Lee, Keith Hale, and Simon Darlow on keyboards at different times, as well as Mark Henry, , and on bass. The band also had various drummers including Steve Bray, Nigel Glockler, and Simon Phillips.

If you enjoy artists like Altered Images, Hazel O'Connor, Blancmange, or Fun Boy Three among others, then you will definitely appreciate Toyah's unique sound. With their energetic performances led by the talented Toyah Willcox and a blend of rock and new wave influences, they have made a significant impact in the music industry during their active years.

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