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Ulver is a genre-spanning group from Norway, active since 1993. They have undergone significant musical transformations throughout their career. Initially known for playing black/folk metal on their demos and first album, "Bergtatt," Ulver then released the entirely acoustic folk album "Kveldssanger" in 1996. The following year, they returned to their roots with the raw and aggressive black metal sound of "Nattens Madrigal." However, around 1998, Ulver began exploring experimental, electronic, and avant-garde music.

Since 2000, the core members of Ulver have been Kristoffer Rygg, Tore Ylwizaker, and Jørn H. Sværen. They frequently collaborate with various musicians on their albums to fulfill the creative vision of each project. The name "Ulver" translates to "Wolves" in Norwegian.

If you enjoy artists such as Arcturus, Ihsahn, Dødheimsgard, Sigh or Borknagar among others listed below*, you will find Ulver's diverse discography captivating and innovative.


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