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Villagers is an indie folk band hailing from Dublin, Ireland. Formed in 2008, the band has gained a dedicated following with their unique sound and heartfelt lyrics. Drawing inspiration from various genres, Villagers' music combines elements of folk, rock, and alternative to create a truly captivating listening experience.

With influences ranging from Fionn Regan to Laura Marling, Villagers have carved out their own distinct musical identity. Their introspective songwriting and haunting melodies have garnered critical acclaim and earned them comparisons to renowned artists such as Damien Jurado and José González.

Whether it's the delicate guitar work or the emotive vocals of *Conor O'Brien*, Villagers' music has a way of resonating with listeners on a deep level. Fans of indie folk acts like Great Lake Swimmers and Lisa Hannigan will find themselves drawn to the evocative storytelling found within each track.


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