Warish is a highly acclaimed artist in the music industry, known for their unique blend of punk and garage rock. With a sound that is both raw and energetic, they have captivated audiences around the world with their powerful performances. Drawing inspiration from bands like American Sharks, The Shrine, and Zig Zags, Warish has created a distinct musical style that sets them apart from their peers.

Formed by *en* guitarist and vocalist Riley Hawk, Warish has quickly gained recognition for their intense live shows and infectious energy. Their music combines heavy riffs, catchy melodies, and gritty lyrics to create a truly captivating listening experience. Fans of bands such as Petyr, Gøggs, and The Well will find themselves drawn to Warish's dynamic sound.

With an ever-growing fan base and a reputation for delivering high-energy performances night after night, Warish continues to push boundaries in the punk rock scene. Their music resonates with listeners who appreciate authentic and unapologetic rock 'n' roll. Whether you're a fan of Deathchant or Meatbodies or looking to discover new artists like R.I.P., Whores or Teen Mortgage - Warish is sure to leave an indelible mark on your musical journey.


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