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XTC is a musically adventurous group from Swindon, UK. Formed in 1975, they first gained recognition as a post-punk new wave band but have since explored various genres including dub, folk-rock, psychedelia and pure pop. The regular line-up consisted of Andy Partridge on guitar and vocals, Colin Moulding on bass and vocals, Barry Andrews on keyboards (left in 1979), Dave Gregory on guitar and keyboards (left in 1999), and Terry Chambers on drums (left in 1983).

Originally emerging from the ashes of The Helium Kidz, XTC has consistently defied categorization throughout their career. Their willingness to experiment with different styles has made them a unique presence in the music industry.

With over three decades of active engagement, XTC's discography showcases their versatility and artistic growth. From their early days as pioneers of the post-punk movement to later ventures into diverse musical territories, XTC's commitment to pushing boundaries has solidified their status as one of the most influential bands from Swindon.


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