Young Prisms

Young Prisms are a San Francisco based psychedelic shoegaze band formed by life-long friends Matt Allen and Giovanni Betteo along with Betteo's partner Stefanie Hodapp and Brooklyn based drummer Jordan Silbert. After a debut EP on the buzzy Mexican Summer records in 2009, Young Prisms released two LP's on Kanine Records (Friends For Now 2011, In Between 2012) along with various limited edition 7" and cassette singles. After an eight year hiatus, Young Prisms are slated to release their third LP in 2021.

Their music is characterized by dreamy guitar textures, hazy vocals, and swirling melodies that transport listeners into a mesmerizing sonic landscape. Drawing inspiration from bands like No Joy, Tamaryn, Ringo Deathstarr, and Pinkshinyultrablast among others*, Young Prisms have carved out their own unique sound within the genre of psychedelic shoegaze.

With their previous releases receiving critical acclaim for their ethereal atmospheres and captivating songwriting, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming album from *Young Prisms*. Stay tuned for more mind-bending tunes as they continue to push the boundaries of psychedelic shoegaze music.


Young Prisms
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