Elektra Records is a US label that was founded by Jac Holzman in December 1950 in New York City. Originally focused on recording folk music, ethnic music, jazz, and gospel, Elektra later expanded its repertoire to include blues, pop, and rock music. Over the years, Elektra had great success with artists like *The Doors*, *Judy Collins*, *Tim Buckley*, and *Bread*. In order to adapt to the changing record industry landscape, Elektra merged with other labels such as Asylum Records and Atlantic to become The Atlantic Records Group under Warner Music Group.

In addition to its own success as a label, Elektra also started Nonesuch as a sub-label for affordable classical releases. Today, Nonesuch is an affiliated label of Warner Bros. Records.

Throughout its history, Elektra has had various logo designs on its album covers. From the scripted logo in green or brown print on a tan background during the early years to the iconic butterfly labels in the 1970s and beyond. These distinctive logos have become synonymous with quality music from artists signed to Elektra.


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