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Fantasy Records, established in San Francisco, California in 1949 by Max and Sol Weiss, is a renowned music label with a rich history. From their first artist, *Dave Brubeck*, to the iconic *Creedence Clearwater Revival*, Fantasy has been at the forefront of American rock 'n' roll. Under the leadership of Saul Zaentz and Ralph Kaffel, Fantasy expanded its influence by acquiring catalogs from prestigious jazz independents like Prestige and Riverside. The label's acquisitions also included legendary independent labels such as Stax Records and Specialty.

With an extensive catalog that spans various genres including acid jazz, folk, blues, and classic jazz, Fantasy's reissue programs have set industry standards. Their commitment to high-quality roots-based music led to the acquisition of labels like Takoma and Kicking Mule. Alongside their reissue programs, Fantasy maintains an active recording roster featuring esteemed artists such as *Sonny Rollins*, *Eric Alexander*, *Jimmy Scott*, and many others.

In 2004, Fantasy merged with Concord Records under the name Concord Music Group. While some operations remain in Berkeley, California, the label is now headquartered in Beverly Hills. Notably, John Fogerty from Creedence Clearwater Revival re-signed with Fantasy after leaving it decades earlier.


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