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Four Flies

Four Flies is a Rome-based record label and music publisher specializing in Italian golden age soundtracks. The label is committed to digging up underrated scores and sounds – often ones that were never circulated outside the Italian film, radio or TV industry – and to unearthing master tapes tucked away and long forgotten in attics or basements. Like archaeologists of Italian library music, the Four Flies team go to great lengths to rescue from oblivion previously unreleased or lesser-known pieces by great film composers, making them available to listeners everywhere.


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Four Flies


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Album artwork for Paesaggi by Piero Umiliani


Piero Umiliani

£24.99 - £42.99

Album artwork for La Novizia by Berto Pisano

La Novizia

Berto Pisano

£24.99 - £34.99