Get On Down

Get On Down is a record label based in Boston, Massachusetts that specializes in reissues. Established in 2010, the label has become known for its high-quality releases and attention to detail. With a focus on bringing classic albums back into circulation, Get On Down has earned a reputation as a trusted source for music lovers and collectors alike.

One of the unique aspects of Get On Down is their commitment to preserving the original artwork and packaging of each release. Whether it's *James Brown*'s iconic "The Payback" or *Wu-Tang Clan*'s groundbreaking "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)," every album is carefully reproduced to capture the essence of the original release.

In addition to their reissue projects, Get On Down also collaborates with artists and labels to create limited edition releases under their [B]all branded labels. These exclusive offerings give fans an opportunity to own rare and collectible vinyl records from some of their favorite artists.


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Get On Down


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Album artwork for Run DMC by Run DMC



£27.99 - £79.99

Album artwork for Hell On Earth by Mobb Deep

Hell On Earth

Mobb Deep

£10.99 - £34.99

Album artwork for Cypress Hill by Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill

£27.99 - £84.99