Hopeless Records

Hopeless Records is an American record label based in Van Nuys, California. Founded in 1993 by Louis Posen, the label has become a prominent force in the music industry. With a diverse roster of talented artists spanning various genres, Hopeless Records continues to deliver exceptional music to fans worldwide.

Since its inception, Hopeless Records has been dedicated to supporting and nurturing emerging talent. The label prides itself on its ability to discover and develop artists who push boundaries and challenge the status quo. With a focus on authenticity and artistic integrity, Hopeless Records strives to provide a platform for musicians to express themselves freely.

With a rich history of success, including numerous chart-topping albums and award-winning artists, Hopeless Records has solidified its position as one of the most respected labels in the industry. Committed to delivering high-quality music experiences, the label consistently delivers innovative releases that resonate with fans across the globe.


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Hopeless Records


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Album artwork for Was Here by Stand Atlantic

Was Here

Stand Atlantic

£11.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Evergreen by  PVRIS



£11.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for Neck Deep by Neck Deep

Neck Deep

Neck Deep

£11.99 - £31.99

Album artwork for SKRWD by  WSTR




Album artwork for Disposable Everything by AJJ

Disposable Everything


£11.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for f.e.a.r by Stand Atlantic


Stand Atlantic

£11.99 - £29.99