Lex Records is an independent music label that was established in 2001 by Tom Brown. Originally a hip-hop focused imprint of Warp Records, Lex quickly expanded its scope and began releasing full albums from artists such as Boom Bip and Non-Prophets. Over time, Lex developed its own roster of long-term artists, including Danger Mouse, Boom Bip, Fog, and Subtle. In 2005, Lex became a fully independent label when it was sold by Warp to Tom Brown. Despite the split, Lex continues to receive support from Warp's distribution channels.

The label has gained recognition for its unique approach to music releases and its commitment to supporting emerging talent. With a diverse range of genres represented on their roster, Lex Records has become known for pushing boundaries and challenging traditional industry norms.

Through partnerships with distribution platforms like Warpmart and Bleep, Lex has been able to reach a wider audience and continue sharing groundbreaking music with the world. Their catalogue numbers have become iconic within the industry, with certain numbers remaining unused as documented in Rob Young's book 'Warp'.


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