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Morr Music

Morr Music is a Berlin-based label run by Thomas Morr. With the LabelCode LC10387, it has established itself as a prominent player in the music industry. Known for its innovative and diverse roster of artists, Morr Music continues to push boundaries and deliver exceptional music to its audience.

Since its inception, Morr Music has been at the forefront of electronic and indie music scenes, releasing groundbreaking albums that have garnered critical acclaim worldwide. The label's commitment to quality and artistic integrity is evident in every release, making it a trusted source for music enthusiasts looking for something unique and captivating.

With an impressive catalog spanning various genres including electronica, pop, folktronica, and more, Morr Music offers a rich musical experience that appeals to a wide range of listeners. From *The Notwist* to *Lali Puna*, from *Múm* to *Seabear*, their talented roster of artists never fails to captivate with their distinctive soundscapes and heartfelt lyrics.


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