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Pure Noise Records

Pure Noise Records is an American record label based in Berkeley, California. With a strong focus on punk, hardcore, emo and its subgenres, the label has become a prominent force in the music industry. Known for their dedication to supporting emerging artists and providing a platform for unique voices, Pure Noise Records has cultivated a diverse roster of talented musicians.

Since its inception, *Pure Noise Records* has been committed to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions within the punk and hardcore scene. Their passion for authentic and raw music shines through in every release, making them a go-to destination for fans seeking genuine expressions of emotion and energy.

With an impressive catalog that includes renowned acts such as *The Story So Far*, *Knuckle Puck*, and *State Champs*, Pure Noise Records continues to make waves in the industry. Whether you're a die-hard fan or new to the genre, this label offers something for everyone who appreciates powerful lyrics, energetic performances, and unapologetic attitude.


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Pure Noise Records


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