Red Records

Red Records is a London-based holding company that owns and operates the Cherry Red label imprint. Founded in 1978 by [a494636], it has become a prominent figure in the music industry. As an authoritative force, Red Records is affiliated with PRS for publishing credits.

Cherry Red Records Limited, the full legal entity name, has been making its mark since its incorporation on October 6, 1978. With various name variations such as Cherry Red Records Ltd., Cherry Red Records Ltd, Cherry Red Records Limited, and Cherry Red Records, this label has established itself as a key player.

It's important to note that Cherry Red Records Ltd. is not just a distributor; it is primarily a labels and brands owner and marketing company. Over the years, distribution responsibilities have been handled by several companies including Rough Trade, Backs, Pinnacle Distribution, and more. Currently (since 2018), Warner ADA via Proper distribution handles distribution in the UK while selected titles are distributed through Plastic Head Distribution (PHD). Non-UK sales are managed by Warner Marketing & Cherry Red Exports.


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Red Records


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Album artwork for Signature by Chet Baker


Chet Baker

£17.99 - £46.99

Album artwork for The Quest by Sam Rivers

The Quest

Sam Rivers

£17.99 - £47.99

Album artwork for African Bass by Johnny Dyani

African Bass

Johnny Dyani

£16.99 - £44.99