Spinout Nuggets

Spinout Nuggets is a UK-based music label that specializes in releasing high-quality vinyl records. With a focus on *garage rock*, *power pop*, and *psychedelic* sounds, Spinout Nuggets has become known for its diverse roster of talented artists.

The label prides itself on curating unique and exciting releases that capture the essence of these genres. From the raw energy of *The Galileo 7* to the infectious melodies of *The Embrooks*, each artist brings their own distinct style to the table.

With an emphasis on preserving the authenticity and integrity of these genres, Spinout Nuggets is committed to delivering exceptional music experiences for fans and collectors alike. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to this vibrant scene, Spinout Nuggets offers a carefully curated selection of vinyl records that will transport you back in time while keeping your ears firmly rooted in the present.


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Spinout Nuggets


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