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Stones Throw

Stones Throw Records is an independent record label based in Los Angeles, California. Established in 1996 by DJ/Producer Christopher George Manak, better known as Peanut Butter Wolf, the label has been a driving force in the music industry for over two decades. With a focus on supporting and promoting talented artists, Stones Throw has helped launch numerous successful careers and continues to be at the forefront of cutting-edge music.

In addition to its own impressive roster of artists, Stones Throw Records has also played a pivotal role in the creation of Now-Again Records, which became an independent label in 2012. This collaboration further solidifies Stones Throw's influence and dedication to cultivating exceptional talent.

The label boasts an impressive catalog that includes renowned series such as [Series Name], [Series Name], [Series Name], and [Series Name]. These series showcase the diverse range of musical genres represented by Stones Throw Records, ensuring there is something for every music lover.


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Stones Throw


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Album artwork for 1988 by Knxwledge



£7.99 - £34.99

Album artwork for Looking Back by Los Retros

Looking Back

Los Retros

£27.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Yes Lawd! by NxWorries

Yes Lawd!


£11.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for A Wonderful Letter by J Rocc

A Wonderful Letter

J Rocc

£27.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Septet by John Carroll Kirby


John Carroll Kirby

£11.99 - £32.99

Album artwork for Signal by Automatic



£12.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for Abracadabra by Jerry Paper


Jerry Paper

£10.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Like a Baby by Jerry Paper

Like a Baby

Jerry Paper

£11.99 - £27.99

Album artwork for City Pop by Benny Sings

City Pop

Benny Sings

£9.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Young Hearts by Benny Sings

Young Hearts

Benny Sings

£12.99 - £29.99

Album artwork for Timeline by Mild High Club


Mild High Club

£11.99 - £27.99