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2nd Grade

2nd Grade is a power pop band hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With their catchy melodies and energetic sound, they have quickly gained recognition in the music scene. Drawing inspiration from bands like Mo Troper and Ducks Ltd., 2nd Grade brings a fresh take on the genre.

Their music has been described as a blend of indie rock and pop, with influences ranging from Kiwi jr. to The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness. Known for their captivating live performances, 2nd Grade delivers an electrifying experience that leaves audiences wanting more.

Having shared the stage with notable acts such as Tony Molina and Jeanines, 2nd Grade continues to make waves in the industry. Their unique sound sets them apart from other bands in the scene, earning them a dedicated fan base. If you're looking for infectious hooks and memorable lyrics, look no further than 2nd Grade.


2nd Grade
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